Social Food - Socialising with Food

Societies perform certain tasks – sometimes duties – in a predictive, linear manner. We live our daily lives, we do our jobs, we celebrate occasions, we need reasons to be happy. But, there are certain aspects of living that we do continuously. Whether we are happy or sad, tired or energetic, there is always room for food.

Socialising is no different in this regard of involving food. We get together with our loved ones, whether at a happy, joyous occasion, or at times of being down; food is always present. But, this food is different from our day to day food – it is Social Food.

Social Food

Social food is an extension of the symbol of togetherness – a bond between people that care for each other. But, given the uplifting nature of socialising, your food and the preparation surrounding it must also be up to the par.

Social food should not be of “on the go” quality – let’s calm down and take the moment seriously – leave the fast food culture behind. Instill a state of relaxation, bring people towards their happiest state. Help your children realise the importance of gathering with close friends and family and enjoying food. Take people’s mind off of the stressful lives we have been living. Give them something to look forward to for the next time. If possible, bring some joyful structure to the lives of your social circle.

Spicy Masterclass

So, how can you achieve all this? You can watch endless videos and pick and choose between what you would like to try. You could pick up a recipe book and try to experiment. Or you could go to an activity where you learn all of this in a hands on activity, and even bring your friends into it.

At Spicy Masterclass, we provide exactly this. We provide a chance to come to a whole day of learning a cuisine that is loved by millions. Indian food is not just about getting a takeout – it can be far more. Check our our list of classes to find out more. We look forward to welcoming you.

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