Gajar ka halwa

Gajar-carrot-halwa, In Hindi gajar means carrot, which is the main ingredient of this dessert. It is probably the most popular and certainly the most famous of Indian sweet dishes, which can be found at my Indian cooking class. The warm gajar halwa with the cold ice-cream an absolute delight!

I had to attend a birthday party this weekend and you know when you don’t like to go empty handed but then again you haven’t got loads of time to cook something up, so taa-daah there it was the gajar halwa came to my mind, that doesn’t take long to cook but impresses everyone.
The moment you say ‘I’ve made some gajar ka halwa that look on everyone’s face, the eyes just light up and those big smiles just does it for me, well as you can imagine it went down a treat!

So, I got all excited and bought a bag of carrots which needed grating and then looked at my nails! No way …. I can’t grate, ill ruin my nails … it was like disaster had struck, what shall I do?
Ahha! That’s when my mini chopper comes handy, just simply peel the carrots. Which my nails can manage lol; chop them and into the chopper, few blitz and there it is carrots are ready to make the halwa. Best thing about my recipe that it’s easy to make and doesn’t need many ingredients and no extra sugar apart from the tin of condensed milk, so no guilty feeling and can have second servings!
There’s always that one person who’s never tasted the gajar halwa and can’t imagine how carrots can be turned into something as delicious as that, with the warm taste of the cardamoms, cooked in ghee, milk and the flowery aroma from the saffron garnished with chopped almonds, someone definitely needs to attend the Indian cooking class!
If you’d be interested and would like to join the Indian cooking class to expand your knowledge and cooking skills then please book yourself onto one off our classes, where it’s about having fun as well as learning.