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The Indian cookery classes is led by myself Bhavna. You will be taught how to make authentic Indian dishes from scratch. We use the traditional cooking methods and ingredients to produce mouth-watering dishes. Furthermore, it’s the real healthy food cooked daily in many all Indian homes. Which you will learn to make, taste and enjoy!

Everyone will be welcomed with a taste of Indian Tea (Chai) before we get busy.

Each class will be limited to a number of students allowing myself to give personal attention to each and every participant. Each dish will be demonstrated and broken down into a step by step method. This ensures delicious results every time.

Cooking ClassesStudents are expected to bring their own ingredients. This way we feel they are familiarising the ingredients and expanding their knowledge. Please take a look on our ‘shop’ page, where we have made life easy for you by selling the whole as well as the powdered spices in a presentable stainless steel ‘spice dabba’ where all your spices will be kept fresh, refills are also available. Also the ‘Tawa’ for cooking your bread essentials and a mini chopper so you can chop like a pro!

Prior to the cookery class each student will be given a list of ingredients to bring on the day, any preparations that may need to done to save time will also be advised.

A talk through the spices and ingredient’s – names, usage and the health benefits of them.

Each student on the day will be shown a step by step demonstration before they start to cook; fully illustrated recipe will be given to follow where you’ll be complete hands on but under full supervision.

Recipes to take back home where you can enjoy making it again in your own kitchen.

Cooking ClassesThe difference about this cookery class is that you will have an open and relaxed environment where you can ask questions, be given advice and unique tips, from my 30 years of cooking experience. You will also be shown how to blend the spices, to give you a really good understanding of what spices are and how they work with each other, so you know which spices to put into which dish.

You will also learn the Indian tempering trick that will transform your cooking. How to give a ‘tadka’ (tempering) to a dish, without a ‘tadka’ a dish is incomplete. It is the most important part of the Indian cooking which makes it so richly spicy and aromatic. It’s an Indian cooking technique which has existed for hundreds of years. Once you master this technique I guarantee that not only will you taste the spices in a way that you’ve never tasted before, you will want to apply this technique to every dish you make.

All of the dishes will be made using fresh ingredients, with the aroma of homemade authentic meals that you can take back and enjoy with your family.

Spicy Masterclass

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Spicy Masterclass