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About MeHi I’m Bhavna, let me give you a warm welcome and thank you for taking an interest. I come from a Gujarati background, being the eldest daughter out of five; I felt I had a responsibility of helping my mum in the kitchen from a young age. As well as helping I always had a high interest in learning new recipes. Along with wanting to cook and experiment with different dishes.

Getting married at a young age of 18, home cooking was an everyday essential for me and my family. As they say ‘practice makes perfect’, well it certainly does! Cooking became a part of me; I learnt how to make everything from scratch. Using only fresh ingredients that lead to mouth-watering delicious dishes. Whether it’s starters, Mumbai street food, curries, or desserts.

Over the past years I have implemented my own ideas and tweaked the recipes. Allowing me to create some useful and unique tips in making the meals tastier and healthier. Raising two beautiful children, who are also food lovers, kept me on my toes! They became my personal tasters and critics, trying out all new dishes.

Spicy Masterclass – Sharing my experience

About MeNow, I want to share my expertise experience and my unique tips with all you lovely people! To be able to make some delicious mouth-watering dishes, without spending a fortune at restaurants and take-aways, but instead being able to make healthy Indian dishes in your own kitchen.

Being the proprietor of a private day nursery for 14 years, it was challenging but I loved working with children and it gave me great pleasure making Indian dishes, sweets and chapattis with them. Most of all they enjoyed eating them and trying out new fresh tastes and opening their cultural little minds. I believe giving children the opportunity to open their taste buds from a young age helps them to experience the world. As their bodies develop, so do their taste buds. Children are more sensitive to certain tastes than adults, taste is a sense that’s partly determined by the taste buds, but also affected by a foods aroma and its appearance. Children are also learning the different textures in raw and cooked food and the science and maths behind cooking.

Learning and experimenting from a young age helps to endorse the ability to follow simple instructions, the importance of cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination. And the two important factors in every child are their physical ability to do the task and their mental ability to comprehend the task and in particular, the possible dangers involved. Our children’s classes are very beneficial and are a must!

All of the dishes will be made using fresh ingredients, with the aroma of homemade authentic meals that you can take back and enjoy with your family.

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