Spicy Masterclass

Learn how to cook authentic simple Indian food, where you can enjoy the unique home cooked flavours

Spicy Masterclass – Indian Cooking Classes for all ages

We INSPIRE everyone to have fun at our classes. Come and learn how to cook authentic simple Indian Food, where you can ENJOY the unique home cooked flavours and mouth watering dishes.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook wanting to venture deeper into Indian culinary, our classes provide everything. From great tips, simple instructions and a demonstration to show you how to make that meal really delicious. As well as, Allowing you to be complete hands on over your meal from start to finish.

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Spicy Masterclass

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Spicy Masterclass

Spicy Masterclass – Our Classes

Diwali FoodSpicy Masterclass is lead by the head chef Bhavna Parmar with her 30 years of expertise and experience. Bhavna’s aim is to get students of all ages excited about Indian cooking. As well as, significantly improving students knowledge along with helping to develop their cooking skills. In addition, all of the dishes will be made using fresh ingredients, with the aroma of homemade authentic meals. Furthermore, that you can take back and enjoy with your family.

3 different age groups